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painting services

W.E. Landscaping and Painting offers professional painting services for both residential and commercial properties. We provide free estimates and we'll be here when your next paint projects roll around. Whether working in your home or office, our painting team respects your space. We take every precaution to ensure that nothing is damaged during the painting process, and we thoroughly clean our workspace at the end of every day. Best of all, we'll prioritize the order of our work to minimize any disruptions and alleviate unnecessary surprises.


Update the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint. From walls and ceilings, to woodwork and cabinetry, we’ve painted just about every interior surface you can imagine.

~Kitchen Cabinets~

Painting kitchen cabinets is an affordable alternative to replacing them, and choosing the right color can completely transform the entire kitchen. From taping, cleaning, sanding and priming, we don’t cut corners on the important steps that ensure optimum results.

~Stucco and Wood Siding~

Improve curb appeal while protecting the exterior of your home from the elements. We can recommend products, prep and repair the surface, paint or stain your house, and clean up when we’re done.

~Walls and Ceiling~

If you’re freshening up – or completely changing – your home’s décor, new wall or ceiling paint can change the look of any room. Whether you want bright and bold or soft and soothing, we can recommend products to meet your expectations.

~Woodwork and Cabinetry~

Want a flawless finish? We paint woodwork and cabinetry the right way - with patience and attention to detail. Make old trim look like new again, or update the appearance of storage cabinets in your living room, bathroom or den – even your garage cabinets.

Property Management

Update the look of your office. We do full interior and exterior painting services for commercial properties too

~Condominiums & Apartments~

We offer pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and we even clean windows! We can paint your apartments in between tenants, as well as keep the exterior of your buildings looking great to attract new tenants.

~Shopping Plazas~

Great looking retail stores and shopping plazas are key to keeping customers happy – and shopping! Our commercial painting services will keep your stores looking fresh, clean and updated, creating an inviting space for people to shop.

~Office Buildings~

Did you know that professional offices can receive more wear and tear than your home? If you’re like most people, you probably spend a majority of your week at the office. Why not keep it looking great with a fresh coat of paint?


Having a worn-down work environment can negatively impact employee productivity. Commercial or industrial painting can improve your professional life by reversing the neglect that your building may be suffering from.

painting services

Interior/ exterior painting

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